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Of course Applegate isn't the Devil. Whatever would give you that idea?

Now, about that thing you want more than anything, he can make it yours for a very simple price . . .

[Things to know about Applegate:

* Yes, he is the Devil, yes, he wants your pup's soul, and yes, if he gets an opening, he will probably try to get it. However, he is the Devil from a musical comedy written in the 1950's, so he's not especially frightening as Devils go, and there are strict rules he must adhere to.

He cannot trick your pup into trading their soul away. Any deals he makes must be made with people of sound mind who are capable of giving informed consent (which also means he cannot make deals with children) and who clearly express their intentions of giving away their soul in exchange for what Applegate is offering them. Applegate cannot renege on his part of the bargain; he's every bit as beholden by the terms as his victim is.

Any deals he attempts to broker within Milliways will be rendered instantly null and void because they will be breaking the rule about outside business. So, if for whatever reason you want your pup to agree to a deal with Applegate, go for it; as long as they're inside Milliways, your pup's immortal soul is perfectly safe. They will also get what Applegate agreed to give, at least until he realizes he's made a bad deal. Whether the effects of the deal can follow your pup back to their own world is up to you. Once Applegate figures all this out (or ends up in the cells a time or three), he'll start trying to get more clever about where he makes his deals.

* Being the Devil, Applegate can only be harmed by angels or gods, and only gods can do him severe damage. Thus, if he's getting on your pup's nerves and your pup does not qualify as angel or god, feel free to have them punch him in the face or something without asking me first. Chances are he won't bother retaliating, as he grew out of his violent tendencies millennia ago and now prefers mockery; if he does want to respond in kind, I will contact you before proceeding. If your pup is an angel or a god, standard OOC communication rules still apply.

If your pup is in a gray area - neither angel or god, but still powerful or something close to one of those categories - and you think they might be able to hurt Applegate, contact me and we'll figure it out.

* I intend to tag out with Applegate, so if you do not wish for your pup(s) to have contact with even a relatively less dangerous Devil for whatever reason, please let me know. You can comment here, comment on the OOC contact post in his journal, ping me, PM me, e-mail me, hop on a bus and come see me, whatever. Just let me know and I will be mindful.]

[Applegate is from the musical Damn Yankees, which in turn is based on Douglass Wallop's novel, The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant. None of these belong to the owner of this journal, which exists for non-profit entertainment purposes only.]

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